Lisa & Philip

I met Lisa & Philip and beautiful Zoe for the first time in January this year. We missioned out to Andersons Park in Invercargill and created some beautiful images of the 3 of them. Zoe is Lisa's pup, and she is the cutest. She is getting a bit older, and we were super grateful to capture such precious moments with Zoe there for the Engagement session and the big wedding day. She is a beautiful soul and she was so excited to be a part of the big day. Or maybe it was the cheese platter, who knows? ;)

The big wedding day took place at the gorgeous Hawthorn Gardens in Invercargill. This was my first time doing photos at this venue and I was completely blown away. The owners have spent many years creating this labyrinth of gardens, interesting sculptures and random bits throughout. It is a beautiful venue with heaps of wonderful locations to get amazing bridal party photos. I was thrilled to be working here.

The day was incredible, beautiful weather and a great turn out by the guests.. Everyone dressed to impress. I had a wee tear from behind the camera as I listened to Lisa & Philip's vows to each other. It was a beautiful ceremony and I am so happy for these two. I feel like not only did I get to work with an amazing couple, but I also have a friend in both of them now. Thanks for everything guys! And Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Sadlier <3

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