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Jamie & Cody

The first wedding of 2019 that I photographed was for an awesome couple, Jamie & Cody. Super laid back and easy going, these two were great fun to work with. My first time taking photos with them was on a mini adventure engagement shoot out at Long Beach, Dunedin. Both of them quite nervous to be in front of the camera, but together we were able to create some beautiful images that really told the story of their love together.

Fast forward to January 2019, the wedding day started out at Jamie's home in South Dunedin with all the ladies getting ready and the lovely Ana Moser-Caley doing their makeup. It really didn't seem like there were any nervous emotions hanging about, just lots of laughter and silly banter. I popped over to see what the lads were up to and they were equally relaxed, although Cody was definitely feeling the nerves a bit. A wee shot of rum and bottle of speights was sure to do the trick. As I returned back to the ladies, Jamie was getting dressed into her gown with the assistance of her bridesmaids. Truly stunning and beaming with excitement, I snapped a few photos of her crew and then made my way to the Botanic Gardens where the ceremony was taking place.

It was a beautiful ceremony with gorgeous blue skies, the weather was perfect with an early morning ceremony at 11 a.m. I think everyone was grateful for the timing as that day turned out to be quite the scorcher, almost 30 degrees! After the ceremony we did a little stroll around the gardens, snapping photos as we walked around. It was a cracker day and a beautiful celebration of love. :) Congratulations guys!

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