Chloe & Cam

The weather forecast for Chloe & Cam's wedding day was a bit foreboding, calling for thunder storms, lightning and rain. Yet, it was also supposed to be one of the hotter days of the season so far at a lovely 24 degrees C. We weren't sure what to expect, but these guys were super relaxed and not stressed about the day at all it seemed. I like that sort of attitude and in the end, we got pretty damn lucky with the weather and managed to get all the photos done just as the clouds started to close in on beautiful Dunedin. I think just as we were walking into the venue for reception, the first sounds of thunder and streaks of lightning touched down over the harbour. Timing couldn't have been better!

We started the day at the cute little Opoho Church with a lovely intimate ceremony. Bubbles were passed out to each guest as they arrived and took their seats eagerly anticipating the arrival of the bride. Chloe arrived in style in a sweet blue vintage ride and we snapped some photos as the girls gathered themselves and prepared for the walk down the isle. The ceremony was short and sweet, with tears flowing and laughter ensuing. It was gorgeous!

From there, we made our way to the Botanic gardens for some family photos and candid snaps. Then up to Signal Hill Lookout to take in the breathtaking beauty of Dunedin in the background. The thunder clouds gathering around the city as we watched on, it was quite a remarkable view from up there! Little did I know that Chloe had a pretty extreme fear of heights, but she was such a trooper and got up on the the stone wall for a few pics. haha.

It was such a great day and a complete honour to capture these special moments for these two... Chloe & Cam wrote back to me after I sent their photos through and responded with this beautiful review and post on the Facebook page:

"We chose Kassandra because of her amazingly kind and calm personality. She managed to capture so many spontaneous moments in such beautiful ways. We loved getting our photos it was not a bore or like we were being "staged" it was so natural. This was important to us because my husband generally does not like getting his photo taken so he didn't want to pose all day. We also had lots of children at our wedding and she managed to capture them beautifully. We are so pleased with Kassandra she managed to get us our photos beautifully edited very quickly. She was amazing professional but so friendly and lovely at the same time. She helped to make my most special day of my life special! Thank you so much!"

Thank you Chloe & Cam! And hears to your next chapter in this life together! Much love to the both of you xx

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