Time Travelling with Tahu & the Takahes

A couple weekends ago I took a trip back to Victorian times with one of my favourite Dunedin bands, Tahu & the Takahes. We all travelled up to Oamaru for the annual Victorian Fete on Sunday November 18th, where it truly feels like you've time travelled back to a world of Victorian splendour. Tahu had organised costume fitting for the whole band and myself via the incredible Queen Elizabeth of The Victorian Wardrobe (aptly named in honour of the Queen because she is of such royal prestige and really knows her stuff when it comes to Victorian costume fitting, all hail the Queen!).

The day began with the Takahes on stage to open up the Fete and get the excitement brewing with lush tunes and sultry dance moves. I have to say, the band looked mighty fine all dressed to the nines, solid effort! It was quite surreal to be in the Victorian Precinct of Oamaru as everyone who attended this event was dressed up in some sort of Victorian fashion. From coat tails, bonnets, wizards, and pirates... It was almost like a glimpse to a time that once was.

After the illustrious performance on stage, we moved onto a thrilling band photoshoot throughout the precinct, the railways, and the waters edge. There was much laughter, silly banter, and inappropriate looks and poses... It was perfect! We even got to hang out with Mango, the intensely huge wolfhound as you'll see pictured below. He was so cute and friendly, the Takahes really connected with this furry soul nugget. The weather was also growing more ominous and threatening in the background, which added a dramatic dimension to the photos and later on provided extreme thunder, lightning and sideways rain to the festival. Many people left with the smash down from the weather gods, but Tahu & the Takahes persevered and made it to their final performance to close out the Fete under cover inside the Scottish Hall.

It was a most joyous occasion to be the official photographer for the band and I hope you enjoy the photos from our crazy shenanigans of the day.

Tahu Mackenzie

Tahu and the Takahes

Jared Smith

Ben Morton

Oamaru Wizards

Hana Fahy