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Autumn Wedding in Wanaka

This year in April, I had the honour of capturing Annie & Vaughan's big day for them. They had to find a photographer sort of last minute when their original photographer had to back out a couple months before the wedding day. Luckily I was still available and this wedding ended up being the last of the official wedding season for me last year. It's been quite a ride becoming a full time photographer and weddings are one of my main forms of work in this industry. Last year, between November 2016 and April 14, 2017, I was completely booked out every weekend doing wedding photography all over the South Island. It was full on and a bit crazy, but so much fun! I've met so many wonderful couples and family/friends, some of which I've continued to work with on other projects and have become fast friends outside of work. Annie & Vaughan's wedding ceremony was in a picture perfect location at The Olive Grove on your way to Glendhu. Absolutely stunning backdrops of Lake Wanaka and the white capped mountains as we had just had a big storm a few days before the wedding. Lucky! This time of year is one of my favourites for outdoor photography as the sunlight seems to be less harsh and the golden hour usually works well timing wise between the ceremony and dinner time. And the COLOURS! Absolutely stunning. The ceremony was gorgeous and quite funny as well... Lots of laughs and I have to say the celebrant at this wedding was one of my favourites of the season. She had quite a few witty remarks and commentaries during the ceremony that really won over the crowd, very cheeky! My kind of lady. :) After the ceremony we took the vintage cars on a cruise through Wanaka and got some photos by the iconic Wanaka Tree with a hundred tourists photographing the bridal party as well... Not awkward at all! haha... A few cheeky moments here and there, playing on a tire swing and a dance party lakeside and we were done with location shots. I think my cheeks were sore from so much laughing and smiling. We ended the evening of photos at The Venue in Wanaka where everyone sat done for dinner, speeches and of course the cake cutting. I have no doubt they had a wildly fun rest of the evening on the dance floor and I wish both Annie & Vaughan a happy and long lasting marriage full of love, laughs and cheeky moments that last a lifetime. Enjoy the photos! :) <3

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