Like a Fairy Tale

This beautiful couple were such a treat to work with and I can't really describe in words how magical this day was....But I'll try my best! I had met Arezoo & Ehsan just the week before their wedding day here in Dunedin. They came up to my studio and we had a brief meeting to go over the wedding day plans and package options and we were away... One week later we all rendezvoused (yes it's a word, I checked) at the illustrious Camp Estate, just next to Larnach Castle. This was a more intimate wedding ceremony with a couple friends, the celebrant, and me, to make things official in beautiful New Zealand. This was back in June and winter weddings can be a bit nerve racking as you never know what the weather is gonna do sometimes. Since my time living here in New Zealand, I've come to embrace the whole 4 seasons in a day situation... It's a real thing, it happens... This day in June was quite cold and was borderline being an official snow day for Dunedin. I have to say, it made for one of the more impressive backdrops for the wedding season last year. The weather cleared with blue skies and big puffy clouds moving in and out of the sunshine, brief moments of snow flurries floating down to the ground. As I drove up to Camp Estate, the drive along Highcliff road was stunning.. snow on the side of the road, the weather wreaking havoc on the impressive ocean views overlooking Sandfly Bay... bursts of sun rays peaking through the clouds here and there... It was truly incredible. When I arrived to Camp Estate, I was in awe, taking in the views over to West Harbour and the stunning old world architecture of the building itself. This was going to be an epic day for wedding photography... The excitement was spreading through the intimate crew I was there to photograph, lots of smiles and laughter as I walked through the doors... The ceremony took place at Camp Estate on the top of this beautiful staircase, we were all toasty and warm inside with the fires cranking.... the wind blustering and crisp icy weather outside, it was so dramatically romantic. We moved onto Larnach Castle and had fun creeping around through the gardens and the castle itself. Our time together ended at Sandymount as we took in the breathtaking views of the Otago Peninsula. Arezoo & Ehsan were such troopers getting outside in the bone chilling conditions, and it was so worth it. The looks they give each other, the smiles exchanged, the kisses and the way they embrace each other... Makes this hopeful romantic all fuzzy inside. ;) Hope this photo story makes you all fuzzy too!

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