The Desert Sky at Night

Recently, my partner and I went out to the desert to visit my grandparents for a couple days. It is so peaceful and isolated out there, I love getting to spend time at their place. My grandma feeds all of the local animals, it's pretty cute. Wild bunnies, roadrunners (beep beep!), quails, doves, and woodpeckers... Even Bobcats and Coyotes! My partner teased her a bit and nicknamed her Snow White while we were out there much to her amusement. Their home sits at the edge of a hillside that I fondly remember climbing all over when I was a child coming up to visit my Grandma with the family. So many awesome little adventures you could get into, from little rock caves, to playing hide and seek or just finding that perfect viewpoint overlooking the vast desert surroundings. After dinner on our first night out there, we decided to go on a night stroll and bring the camera along. Now I've had a camera in my hand since I was a child, but after all of these years, I've never actually experimented with night sky photography. This couldn't have been a more perfect time to do so. It took me a little while to get the hang of it and have the camera on the right settings but I was able to come up with my first starry sky images over the hillside. Without a tripod, I was pretty limited to what we could capture, having to find the right spots and rocks or bricks that could hold my camera in place while the picture was being taken. That being said, I'm pretty happy with how these 3 turned out! Can you name the constellations you see?

#nightskyphotography #desertphotography #stars #constellations

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