Originally based in Southern California, Kassandra has called Dunedin home since 2012 to which she has immersed herself into the arts community both with her photography and her creative space (Benessere Studios). Kassandra is also one of the founding members of Glorybox arts trust and has been involved in several large scale performance events as well as The Dunedin Fringe Festival, OUSA and the Vogel St Party. Kassandra founded Benessere Studios/Creative space in 2015 and has staged various art events both with Glorybox and independently. Aside from completing a course in Intermediate Film Photography at the San Diego State University of Southern California, Kassandra has had no formal training in the art of photography. Her inspiration and passion of film photography has been with her since she was a child. Working both behind and in front of the camera she has played the role of the “muse” for many visual and performance artists. This exchange between artist and muse is something Kassandra continues to explore with her craft basing previous exhibitions and ongoing series around this concept. She has shown work locally and internationally exhibiting in San Diego, Los Angeles, and in Dunedin. She has also traveled extensively documenting her surroundings, which have been reproduced online, through commissioned pieces and independently produced exhibitions. Her work has been commissioned both privately and publicly working in both commercial and high art realms, as well as dabbling in the fashion arena working with several local designers shooting collections and fashion spreads. Kassandra draws inspiration from Helmut Newton, Ellen Von Unwerth and similar artists in this realm.  She is drawn to images that push the boundaries of the status quo, from erotic, dark and surreal to ethereal and dreamy. She aims to capture images that capture the lightness and darkness in each moment and individual. Kassandra intends to also begin a large photojournalism project that will focus on the traditional healing practices of Indigenous cultures around the world. This project will culminate into a series of exhibitions as well as a photographic book documenting the journey and weighing out the pros and cons of modern medicine vs. traditional healing. It will be an interesting perspective to see what we have lost and what we have gained in today's modern civilization. Between this project, her 1st solo exhibition coming late late 2019, and working with her clients full time, her main goal is to tell the story of connection and highlight what that means through her images. Connecting with her subjects and the world around her, she hopes that she can bring awareness to her followers. Photography is her true passion and ultimate expression. 

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7 Bond Street, 4th Floor

Benessere Studios @ Habitus

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Dunedin, New Zealand